naaytu x modeletto candle holder pottery kit (lilac lemon rainbow tapers)


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We've teamed up with Naaytu who create dreamy hand-poured candles & tiled goods to bring you this colab candle holder making kit. This is a limited edition kit  

Always wanted to try pottery? Pottery at your place awaits! This air-dry pottery kit comes with everything you need to make candle holders in the comfort of your own home or wherever you please.

We are a purpose driven brand on a mission to introduce more play into your day through art therapy. 

No kilns are required - that’s the fun of our clay.  Model your shape at home and let it air-dry.

What’s involved and what shape holder can I make?

We provide you with inspirational instructions + videos to help get you started (we encourage that you watch then put away all digital devices). 

Embrace the imperfectness of your piece, the wobbles, the creases, the blobs, the messiness of it all. We actually love the quirky & odd-looking shapes - after all that’s REAL life outcomes of any journey.

Your art therapy kit includes:

  • a mindful experience
  • air-dry clay - enough to make two candle holders
  • two beautiful hand-poured tapers (lilac + lemon)
  • sculpting tools + sponge + paint brush
  • sealant 
  • 2 x jars of paint - white + your choice of lilac or forest green - let us know at checkout which you'd prefer
  • instruction and inspiration booklet + link to online tutorials
  • eco-friendly products +packaging 

Creative ideas are limitless with our clay. Drying time is 24-48 hours depending on thickness (for best results leave for 1 week). It looks great in its natural state with 2 coats of sealer (like most of the pieces pictured), or paint with white acrylic paint (and colours if you wish), let the paint dry and apply 2 coats of sealer.

NB: These don't need to be fired in a kiln as they don't need to be water or food safe but you can fire them if you wish, just don't apply any of our sealer to your pieces before taking them to your local kiln. Head to our FAQ's page for firing information.

Who are the kits for? 

  • Non-creatives and someone who has never touched clay before (you don’t have to be an artist to experience the benefits of art therapy).
  • Ceramic enthusiasts.
  • Individuals who are interested in disconnecting from their screens (It's hard to scroll with messy hands).
  • Friends, flatmates, or family who are looking for something different to do together.
  • A gift for someone who needs to free their mind (most people we know)

Need some extra clay? Add some to your order here.

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If you have any questions we’d love to chat!, or via our contact form.