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Glaze - clear


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Made by us in NZ

Make your pottery pieces ceramic and coat them with our glaze then get them fired at your local kiln so that they are food and water safe!

If you just want to add designs to your piece and keep the rest a natural colour, purchase one of our coloured glazes to do the design here then purchase this clear glaze to coat your entire piece (except the bottom) to give a clear gloss finish + make your piece food & water safe. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This glaze must only go on bisqueware. (has been fired once)

This jar contains 50mls and will do 2 x mugs or a vase (allowing for 2 x coats of glaze). 

Find out how to glaze your piece using our glazes here.

Comes with:

50 ml glaze


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Glaze - clear
Glaze - clear$16.00