purpose driven

This isn’t about us - it’s about you and your journey, so we won’t say much here. We do want to tell you that we are a purpose driven brand that's on a mission to introduce more play + free people’s minds of comparisonitis, perfectionism and stress, through art therapy

Embrace the imperfectness of your piece, the creases, the blobs, the messiness of it all - we love the quirky and odd looking shapes - after all that’s REAL life outcomes of anyone's journey.

Curating your place is about blending old and new, found and made - it's the nicest feeling every time you see your finished shape!

we need to play more

and not on our phones... now more than ever we are seeking to disconnect from our devices and connect with something real. Something tangible. Pottery, or any form of art, allows your brain to enter flow state, which is when you're completely immersed in something and your mind becomes quiet (yes all those hundreds of tabs start to close down - yipeee).

pottery at your place awaits

We bring pottery to your place with our at-home air-dry kits.

What's the best part?  No previous skills, wheel or kiln required! (you do have the option to fire your pieces of course).

Our general kits come with everything that you need to have a mindful moment with yourself, our junior kits give little ones a sensory + explorative experience, and our team kits are perfect for a team building exercise, a fun party activity for a hens, or a child's birthday party. 

Oh and by the way, modeletto means ‘to model’ in Italian, an appreciation for our Italian heritage in Florence, and to our grandfather / dad, Peter Caccia-Birch who is the dearest man, that's forever using his hands to create and paint, and taught us to embrace the messiness of life and to be mindful in these moments.