Have you ever thought about having a pottery party?

Air-dry pottery kits for team building and special events like, hen's parties, bookclubs or children's birthdays. 

team building

team building

Change up your Friday afternoon drinks at the office and give your employees a mindful experience that fosters play, or maybe you'd like to do some corporate gifting?

Give your colleagues a sensory journey, leaving them feeling relaxed and better connected to themselves and each other.

Whether it's over zoom or in the office - organise your next fun activity with us. Perfect for a different Christmas party or a wellbeing exercise.

We have custom kit + facilitation options - get a quote at the bottom of this page.

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social events

social events

Have a hen's party or friend's birthday coming up that you're organising? What about doing some 'creative' pottery modelling?

Choose to make a fem body or have the freedom to create what ever your group would like.

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junior potter parties

junior potter parties

Have a child's birthday coming up? Our kids group kits are the perfect activity.

Their kits will include:
- a mindful art therapy experience
- air-dry clay to make a couple of things
- sculpting tools + sponge + paint brushes
- 5 paint colours + sealant
- step-by-step instructions
- option to add earthy toned paints + more clay

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custom kits

If you'd like to give your team the inspiration to make something specific, we'd love to collaborate with your business to create a custom kit. We can also do custom co-branding.

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