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Air-dry clay (1kg)


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Made by us in NZ

Want to get more clay to work on a bigger piece or maybe you're ready to make something else after purchasing your first kit. 

What clay do we use?

We searched all over for the perfect clay and it had to be made locally of course! We tested and modelled for months until we found the BEST air-dry clay.

We use a light clay which is supple and workable, making it super easy to model and smooth - sometimes we just like to roll it in our hands for a while and not actually make anything - it feels that nice. It dries a light clay colour making it easy and fun to paint! 

Drying time is 24-48 hours depending on thickness (for best results leave for 1 week). It looks great in its natural state with 2 coats of sealer, or paint with white acrylic paint (and colours if you wish), let the paint dry and apply 2 coats of sealer.

NB: Air-dry clay is not water or food safe, so if you'd like to make a bowl to eat from, or a vase to put water in, you must get your piece fired - head to our website FAQ's for firing instructions. Make sure that you don't apply any of our sealer or acrylic paint before firing. (It's less stress to make something that doesn't require firing).

Need extra sealant for your decorative pieces? 

Want some acrylic paint colours too? (these are for decorative pieces only and can not be fired) Add some to your order here.

Glazes to make your piece ceramic + food & water safe.

We also offer air-dry clay kits - shop for yourself, little loves, party occasions or work team.

Air-dry clay (1kg) - Modeletto Store
Air-dry clay (1kg)$25.00