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A mindful experience + art piece

Gift wrapping - Modeletto Store

Pottery kit

The best gift! You or your loved one can have hours of fun making then they'll get to display their art piece in their home. Everything you/they need to start a new hobby.


No kilns, wheel or anything else required to make art pieces for your/their home. Learn new skills and have a lovely mindful time.

The art

Have something you/they can be proud of and display in your/their home.

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What inspired me & my mum in 2020 to create air-dry pottery kits from our kitchen? We founded our Modeletto in the long lockdown of 2021, for something to people to do whilst they were at home. Two years on we continue to be a purpose driven brand on a mission to introduce more play into everyones day, through art therapy. Continue to read our story on our about us page.

Art therapy

Now, more, than ever we are seeking to disconnect from our devices and connect with something real. Pottery, or any form of art, allows your brain to enter flow state - when you're completely immersed in something, and your mind becomes quiet. Enjoy art therapy with our pottery, candle making and paint kits.