it's all about                                             your journey

it's all about your journey

We give you a few inspirational instructions + videos to help you get started, then feel free to make whatever you'd like.

Embrace the imperfectness of your piece, the creases, the blobs, the messiness of it all - we love the quirky & odd looking shapes - after all that’s REAL life outcomes of anyone's journey. Ahhh the beauty of hand-made pieces. 

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Creative ideas are limitless with our air-dry pottery kits - model your shape at home, or wherever, and let it air-dry for 24-48 hours. No kilns are required, but the option is there if you want to fire your piece.

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handmade ceramics

handmade ceramics

limited pieces that you will use at your place forever.

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what customers say

Easy instructions to follow, the kids (aged 4 + 2) had so much fun! It was a weekend long activity as we made the pieces on Friday, (kid's couldn't wait to paint them and kept checking to see if they were dry enough) then we painted them on Sunday.

My daughter loved it. We made lots of rainbows for her room.

A truly peaceful and grounding activity to do at home, by yourself or with friends. I felt absolutely lost in time, fully immersed in creating my little vases, mugs, and decorative pieces. Indubitably obsessed with modeletto and the endless possibilities! Biggest fan!