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The perfect kit to create your own incense and palo santo holders for a meditative morning practice. This kit also includes a guided meditation and an introduction to manifesting - you'll learn prompts on how to start the work to call in your dream life.

Your kit includes:

- a mindful + meditative experience

- air-dry clay - enough to make a few incense or palo santo holders

- sculpting tools + sponge

- paint brush

- white paint + sealant

- inspiration and instruction booklet

- link to manifesting meditation audio by Sarah Lindsay from SALA (prompts and introduction to start to learn how to manifest your dreams)

- 20 x sandalwood incense sticks

- 1 x palo santo stick

Benefits from burning palo santo + incense:

- Relieve stress
- Evoke creativity (big yes from us)
- Boost your sex drive
- To open your heart centre
- To deepen concentration while meditating
- Clear negative energy

Benefits from manifesting:

Manifesting is based on raising your self-worth and stepping into your unique authenticity by reprogramming your subconscious limiting beliefs that you picked up during childhood and throughout your life. By practicing manifestation, you can call in the life you deserve and want to live.

Benefits from meditation:

- Lowers stress.
- Reduces anxiety.
- Enhances mental health. 
- Improve self-awareness. 
- Increases concentration and attention span.
- Reduce memory loss.
- Generates empathy and kindness.
- Improves sleep hygiene.

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