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Pottery kit (meditation edition)

$79.00 Regular price$89.00
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Gift an experience + a keepsake

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Made by us in NZ

No kilns needed just air-dry at home

Improves cognition & relieves stress

It's the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one - an experience + a keepsake!

You can make whatever you'd like using these kits (we have endless tutorials available), and you'll enjoy burning incense + palo santo whilst you create. 

And no kilns are required! Simply model your shape at home and let it air dry for decorative pieces 🎨 

pottery kit
Pottery kit (meditation edition)$79.00 Regular price$89.00


EXPERIENCE + art piece & guided meditation

Gift wrapping - Modeletto Store

Meditation pottery kit

The best gift! You or your loved one can have hours of fun making then they'll get to display their art piece in their home. Everything you/they need to start a new hobby.

Date night pottery kit bundle - Modeletto Store

making & meditation

You/they will get instructions to make 4 different holders.

The art & meditation

Display your/their art piece in your/their home whilst burning incense or palo santo.