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kiln partners

Where can I find a local kiln

Google is your best friend or you can find a list of our local kiln partners below:

Pottery is not strong until it has been fired.  When transporting your precious raw work it is best not to stack heavier, thicker pieces on top of lighter or thinner ones as this could cause cracking in the thinner pieces.  This is a common hazard especially for plates.  Also to avoid chipping, we recommend packing your work with fabric, such as old towels, to prevent the raw clay knocking against each other in the box.

Please ensure that the bottom, and a 5mm margin up the side, of your pieces are completely glaze free.


Modeletto. We are so excited that we can now offer firings for you in Huntsbury. Email us to arrange drop off. Firing fees for our 93L kiln are measured by volume: A full shelf is 40cm diameter x 11cm high of ware and is $30/firing; a half shelf is $15/firing.  Full kiln is $150/firing.  Minimum charge is $15


Author Ceramics - Stephen Lee is located in Pt Chev and makes the most beautiful pieces. He will fire your masterpieces for $5 each. You will need to drop your pieces off with NO GLAZE on, he will then do the initial bisque firing for you, then you will need to collect them to glaze them, then drop them off for a second firing. 

John St Pottery 
Our lovely personal firer, Jacs! She is located in Ponsonby on John St and charges around $2.50 per piece per firing.  Minimum charge is $15/firing; Half Shelf $15/firing, Full Shelf $30/firing. Message her to arrange drop off.

Ann O'Sullivan Pottery (loveliest lady ever over in Devonport). She charges $10 per piece - make sure you take cash with you. Let her know you're coming on 0211580499.

Studio One
They have open days on Fridays 12-6 where you can take your clay and potter then fire your pieces once dry for $5

Lalita Ceramic


Nice Assets

Karla Marie Ceramics
, the raddest potter to follow for all tips and tricks! message her 


Pottery By The Sea


Turama Ahi Pottery Ltd


Kiln studio

Get in touch with us if you'd like to partner with us and list your kiln.