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Ceramic pottery kit

Choose your glaze colour:

Choose your glaze colour

Choose your cup template:

Choose your cup template

Gift a mindful experience + art piece

Improves cognition & relieves stress

Fast shipping + free over $100

Made by us in NZ

Must be fired in a kiln

It's the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one - a mindful experience + a art piece!

Pieces made using this kit must be fired in a professional kiln.

You receive a template to a mug, but you can make whatever you'd like with the hundreds of video tutorials we have.

Ceramic pottery kit - Modeletto Store
Ceramic pottery kit$89.00


create A mindful experience + an art piece

Gift wrapping - Modeletto Store

order a Pottery kit

The best gift! You or your loved one can have hours of fun making then they'll get to keep piece to use in their home. Everything you/they need to start a new hobby.

make pottery

Learn new skills and have a lovely mindful time making a ceramic piece for your/their home.

use the Finished ceramic piece

Have something you/they can be proud of and display or use in your/their home.