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Date-night pottery kit bundle

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Gift an experience + a keepsake

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Made by us in NZ

No kilns needed just air-dry at home

It's the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one - an experience + a keepsake!

Our pottery bundle has all the essentials for 1-2 people or for bigger projects like a big fruit bowl. Whether you're treating yourself or gifting it to someone special it's perfect for a delightful creative experience.

And no kilns are required! Simply model your shape at home and let it air dry.🎨  add coloured paints to your order here or an extra bag of clay here.

Check out our frequently asked questions page to find out how to:
👉 Make your piece food & water safe (by kiln-firing)
👉 Host your very own pottery event

Date-night pottery kit bundle
Date-night pottery kit bundle$120.00 Regular price$130.00


Gift: Pottery bundle

The best gift! You or your loved one can have hours of fun making then they'll get to display their art piece in their home. Everything you/they need to start a new hobby.


No kilns, wheel or anything else required to make art pieces for your/their home. Learn new skills and have a lovely mindful time.


Have something you/they can be proud of and display in your/their home.