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kilns near me

You can make anything with this clay and it will dry in 24/48 hours (for best results leave for 1 week then paint with white acrylic paint, let it dry then coat with acrylic colours if you want to. You can create vases and put dried flowers in or if you'd like to put real flowers in you can mould your clay around a glass bottle to make it water safe. 

If you want to make a bowl to eat out of or a mug to drink from you must get your creations fired in a kiln after its dried for 2 weeks.

 Use the map below to find your local, then send them an email or give them a call to arrange a time that you can drop your pieces off.
If you can't see a kiln near you please let us know - we are always on the hunt for more and will add your area to the list!
*please note price of firing and glazing services are at the discretion of the kiln owners (usually between $10-$25 a piece).