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Article: make a rainbow with your mini

make a rainbow with your mini

In this short video, we'll teach you how to make a rainbow with your little loves. 


Before you get your hands messy:

- Grab a chopping board to work on and a small bowl of water.
- Get your clay pouch + tools ready

Kit used in this tutorial here.

1. Squeeze the clay and model it in your hands to warm it up. Roll into a smooth round ball.

2. Roll out the clay to form an oval shape. You can use your knife to cut the the shape too.

3. Cut out the middle of the rainbow. 

4. Using the pointy tool, gently scrape the lines of the rainbow.

5. Lightly use your damp sponge to smooth rough edges.

6. Make a small hole near the top if you want to hang your rainbow.

7. Leave to dry for 24-48 hours. 

8. Paint in your rainbow colours. Leave to dry and seal with your sealer.

9. Use your jute string from around the tools to make a hanger.

We'd love your help with our purpose to introduce more play into everyone's day. Share your kit, creation process, or finished shape on your stories or feed - tag, so we can re-share.

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