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Made by us in NZ

If you've bought more clay and you're running low on sealant then not to worry we've got you covered with an extra pot of sealant.

Need paint, buy some here (these are for decorative pieces only and can not be fired)

How to apply sealant:

Depending on the size of your piece, leave it to dry for 5 days then paint with one coat of sealant, leave it to dry then coat with another layer and it will look like the ones pictured here. If you'd like to paint your piece, paint it with acrylic colours first, leave to dry then coat with 2 x layers of sealant.

NB: Our sealant is not food or water safe - head to our FAQ page for information on how to fire your pieces if you wish to make them food + water safe.

Sealant - Modeletto Store