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Article: wonky taper holder

wonky taper holder

In this short video, we'll teach you how to create a wonky candle holder.


Kits used to create this one are: lilac lemonsage green 

Before you get your hands messy:

Put on your favourite record or Spotify playlist ( for some of our tunes).

- Grab a chopping board to work on and a small bowl of water.
- Get your clay pouch + tools ready

1. take your clay out of the pouch, break in half and roll into 2 x ball

2. roll one ball into a long sausage like shape then tap one end on a surface to create a flat edge so that it can stand.

3. use your thumb to create a hole in the top of the stick then slowly start to carve clay out using your round wire tool - measure the hole size with your taper as you dig.

4. play around with squeezing the shape in the middle to create your desired effect.

6. repeat above steps to make another with your other ball of clay or learn how to make a make a flat one HERE.

7. Let it dry for 24-48 hours. For best results a week

8. Seal with two coats of sealer and it will look beautiful (like the one pictured in the blog), or paint it, then seal. Make sure you leave 30 mins drying time between each coat. Your holders are now ready for your tapers.

NB: These holders are not water safe if you just leave it to air-dry, so if you'd like to make it ceramic you'll need to have them fired. Head to our FAQ page for firing instructions. 

We'd love your help with our purpose to introduce more play into everyone's day. Share your kit, creation process, or finished shape on your stories or feed - tag, so we can re-share.



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